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NEW! The Perfect Glow - Pressed Powder Luminizer - by Jacqueline Kalab

Set of 4 Colors
Rose Gold
Golden Glow

This glorious product takes dull or lifeless looking skin or foundation and transforms it into a breathtakingly beautiful radiant glow.  This is the “Gee you look beautiful today” secret weapon.

The Perfect Glow - whether powder or liquid -  is a must-have basic - to create a beautiful makeup. 

I use this on every single woman I make up... celebrity, model, busy women. 

This unique, "non-creasing" creamy luxurious formula is the secret to making makeup look vibrant and as though you’re not wearing a drop of makeup. 

If you’ve ever been afraid of shine the Perfect Glow will surely change your mind.  The right kind of shine is extremely flattering, gives a healthy glow to the face, gives a fresh young appearance and makes us look less “makeupy” even when wearing high coverage foundation. 

The Perfect Glow is not “chunky glitter” but instead has a flawless, gentle luminosity - like radiant health in a bottle.

Create a stunning, dewy, radiant glow, every day using The Perfect Glow.  You won't believe what a difference this makes.

It’s creamy luxurious mineral formula puts beautiful makeup within easy reach.

❤︎ Provides a beautiful and natural radiant glow

❤︎ Doesn't settle into lines. Luxurious and creamy, non "powdery" finish

❤︎ Luxurious, almost "creamy" pressed perfect glow

❤︎ Makes makeup look more natural, less "makeupy"

To Apply The Perfect Glow Pressed Powder:

Using either: the pad of your ring finger, Glow Brush, or Magic Foundation Brush, swirl into The Perfect Glow Pressed Luminzer.

Then in a circular or oval shaped motion, apply to:

❤︎ Tops of cheeks

❤︎ Across bridge of the nose

❤︎ Outer forehand

❤︎ Center of ye lids


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