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Jacqueline Kalab Beauty

How to Self Eye Makeup Course - Launches 10th March 2021

Discover how to:

♥︎ Do a winged eyeliner

♥︎ Do a smokey eye that suits your unique eye shape

♥︎ Blend makeup

♥︎ 2 - 3 easy go-to looks from stylish daytime makeup, sophisticated work and glamorous nighttime makeup

♥︎ Do makeup quickly, economically, and confidently, every day

♥︎ What makeup suits your eye shape and age

♥︎ Look your best with minimal time and cost

♥︎ Techniques that make you look 10 years younger

♥︎ Product recommendations for different types of skin

♥︎ Step by step lessons

♥︎ Flattering colors and techniques to enhance beauty and confidence

♥︎ Troubleshooting - fixing makeup when it doesn’t go to plan

♥︎ Beautiful, youthful eye makeup

♥︎ Make up hooded eyes

♥︎ Makeup for if you have 5 -10 minutes, 10 -15 minutes, or to do full glam for the special events

♥︎ Use makeup brushes and tools

♥︎ Put together an affordable makeup bag for eyes

♥︎ What products to use, wear, and why

♥︎ Get creative and do makeup that suits your personality

♥︎ Feel younger, confident and beautiful, with your makeup

♥︎ Follow trends and adjust your makeup when you want to

♥︎ How to get makeup to last longer throughout the day

♥︎ Hiding lines, showing off good features, youthful makeup

Jacqueline Kalab, celebrity makeup artist of 25 years, making up all personalities and ages, teaches you the why and how of personal makeup and how super simple it can be.

Beta course starts 5th January.

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