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Ere Perez

Natural Almond Oil Mascara - The Blackest, Smudge-Proof, Long-Wearing Mascara! - by Ere Perez


Jacqueline uses this mascara on every celebrity, and almost every time, the celebrity falls in love and has to have it. 

The packaging is not overly glamorous. It takes the slightest hint longer to dry than other mascaras, but the results are super long-lasting, smudge-proof, and healthy for your lashes.

As an added benefit it is kind on lashes and users often see their lashes grow back healthier.

Texture: The product will thicken, which helps the lashes hold up and stay up - a bit like hairspray - giving a wide open look to the eyes.

Cleaning Tip: The best make up remover for this mascara is coconut oil.  

Massage some coconut oil very gently into the lashes to melt away and dissolve the mascara and any eye make up. Tissue off and repeat until all make up is removed, before using any other cleanser or water on the face.

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