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“Ten Years Younger” Eyes - the Jacqueline Kalab Method Online Makeup Class - Limited Time Special!

PRELAUNCH SPECIAL as this course is about to get it’s own make-over! 

Next live routs starts late 2023 

Pre-recorded, life changing lessons are ready and waiting for you.  (They just look a little dated until their makeover)

You can complete the course in approximately two hours - and never be the makeup-same again!

This is a completely different class to what you see the influencers doing   What I cover here is the reason you haven’t been able to win after watching all those videos 

in this class:

  • Celebrity makeup artist secrets - the little known or understood BASICS
  • Super easy! 
  • Fall in love with makeup instead of being confused by it 
  • Learn youthful and fresh makeup, blur the appearance of lines. 
  • Look like YOU - your beautiful unique self, not like someone else 
  • Understand what you’re aiming for when doing makeup  
  • Learn how to not look plastered in makeup
  • look naturally beautiful - your unique self (only the best version of you)
  • look put together for work
  • Do makeup for day or night
  • Catch your spouse checking you out
  • Feel radiant and confident. Turn heads
  • Not worrying about your makeup when you’re talking with someone …
  • secret bonus in the course that helps with all makeup not just eyes


The thing is… Makeup is art. The products are the paints, the brushes are the brushes and the face is the three dimensional canvas. 

You can buy the best, most expensive products in the world, but if you don’t know how to apply them - paint the painting - you’re still not going to get an amazing result.

We search our lives for that one magic product - that elusive magic makeup item that will finally give us the results we’re after…

… we spend a fortune on a new item - convinced that “this might be it!” only to discover it many months later (or years later) in the drawer with the rest of the neglected and unloved makeup.

This is a skill you’ll have for life.  Never again will you be baffled by makeuo.  Start today  



What if you could use a basic handful of products to create a stunning result? 

What if you could take your “stick figure drawing” and turn it into a masterpiece - no matter how much or little time you have to get ready?

Well I’m launching my Ten Years Younger Eyes - Self-Makeup Course

Being a makeup artist to the stars I have to meet someone and immediately start making them up. 

It must be a masterpiece - the best makeup they’ve had in their lives and then they go out and show your “painting” to be seen by thousands - or millions - of people at a time

But what looks amazing on one person looks terrible on another. Add to that that everyone has their own unique brand, expectations, and personality…

I learned very early on I had to develop a system to immediately know what suits a person. This system consists of seven basic laws.

This system has contributed to me becoming one of the most sought after makeup artists in Australia, and with local international celebrities, Hollywood stars, World leaders, sports stars, International fashion runways…  for companies such as Foxtel, Sony, Universal, Disney… and much more.

My celebrities tell me that no one makes them up like I do and many only agree to appearances around my availability. That’s how powerful the results.

I have taught these simple techniques to other makeup artists in the industry and they’ve said it’s completely changed the way they do makeup

Well, this all may make me sound very fancy, but I assure you it’s VERY simple.

In fact, these are the steps I do on myself when I only have FIVE minutes to do my own makeup - which is pretty much most of the time. 

I jokingly tell people this system is “Traffic Light Makeup” because if all you have is the time at the traffic lights, you’re still going to look and feel amazing. 

So take the leap now. Take the Confusion to Confidence in Self Eye-Makeup for Busy Women Course - and in four weeks time you may have completely revolutionised your makeup, your image and your confidence.

In this course you will learn -

  • You will be able to look at any makeup and know exact break down of how it was done.
  • Be able to do your makeup the way you want to - whether a natural look or a glam look in a way that best suits your features, your personal brand and lifestyle.
  • All about working with your natural bone structure - so you look like you
  • How SIMPLE techniques can make ALL the difference (the 5% of makeup that achieves 95% of the results)
  • How to create the effect of an expensive wardrobe, for a fraction of the cost - every… single…day
  • How to create YOUTHFUL and beautiful eye makeup
  • How to create polished and put together eye makeup for work, natural look for every day, or glam eyes for date night.


No more…

  • feeling invisible
  • nasty surprises in the mirror at the office “That’s not how it looked at home”
  • feeling older or "drawn on" after putting on makeup
  • getting utterly confused by all the choices at the makeup counter
  • Bad purchases that waste money and hopes. (You’ll know more that the counter staff!)
  • Only looking and feeling beautiful when you hire a makeup artist for a big event (you’ll know better than them, too)


Who is this for?

  • Busy professional women who want to lift their makeup game.
  • Mums who want to look beautiful.
  • Women who do not have hours to spend in front of the mirror every day.
  • Women in 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and even 80’s (The lessons learned in this course are timeless and these skills will last you a lifetime).
  • I’ve taught those who’ve never worn makeup, through to professional tv makeup artists - as this course teaches the little known basics that apply to every makeup.
  • This course is not generally for very young women or those who have hours to spend in front of the mirror (although it would revolutionise that makeup, too!).


The alternatives…

  • Hire someone like me every time you go out (my rates generally start at $925 and go up from there
  • Watch a million influencer videos and hope you can piece together the information (unlikely since most of the highly experienced and makeup artists I teach have their minds blown)
  • Spend a fortune on product and product and product. “I’m sure one of these will do the job...”
  • Continue to try to recreate what worked when we were 20 or so and hopefully it will work again one day
  • Did I miss anything?

What Makes this Course so Special? different? Unique..

In this course I share my 5 step “ARTSY” system that I use to create every single makeup. 


The ARTSY system is makeup up of -


A is for Artistic Basics

R is for the Reason - the reason we use each product - what are we aiming to do?

T is for Tools and Techniques

S is for Sciency Laws

Y is for YOU! You’re unique personality, personal style, unique features and bone structure…


What’s in the course…

This course is a series of step by step mind-blowingly simple video lessons that will change the way you think and look at makeup entirely and revolutionise the way you do makeup.

Practice can simply be incorporated into the next time you do your makeup. Or if you’re inspired you may practice at any time.

The videos are super short and clear. Apart from the introduction, videos range between 4 to 12 minutes long that are very easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Women have watched the lessons from anywhere - on the train or even while breast-feeding. 


What you will learn

  • How to test makeup before buying (I recommend holding off buying makeup until later in the course)
  • How to apply smooth even and flawless makeup
  • How to use makeup to look younger not older
  • How to create stand out eyes that turn heads
  • What eyeshadows to choose
  • How to master eyeliner





Each lesson builds on knowledge from the previous

You will likely be addicted.... Fall in love with makeup again.



What if I don’t have time to practice?

This course changes the way you look and think about makeup. You can simply incorporate what you learn when you next apply your makeup.

What if I never learned makeup and I’m just no good at makeup?

That’s what I’m here for and the whole purpose of this course is to teach the very basics.   In fact you will have the benefit of not having to "unlearn" wrong information.

Can I teach these techniques to my clients?

The licence of this course knowledge is for self/ personal use only. The system and lessons of this course are not to be resold or used commercially. For more information about licensing email jk@jacquelinekalab.com

Got another question?  Email me jk@jacquelinekalab.com

Do the Ten Years Younger Eyes -Self  Makeup Course and learn to radiate "you" now


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    Review from Ruth Abdulmassih

    I received my brushes and have taken the course. It is helpful, thank you. I expected to learn about eye lining and brows as well - did I miss the section on eye liner and upside down technique? Thank you.

    Ruth A.
    United States United States


    Excellent course! Looking forward to future segments on eyeliner and concealer application

    Daphne N.
    United States United States

    No price could ever be enough for this mentoring

    I am an absolute amateur and frankly a bit disabled when it comes to make up. I love the art of it, but having spent 18 years in the ballet with heavy payload theatre makeup on since I was three, my desire to have anything on my face was less than nil most of my adult life…hence my ineptitude in all things “makeup.” Enter Jacqs and her tutoring, who In under an hour, had me do the impossible on my face. I still don’t believe I did it. I will try again tomorrow just in case I’m dreaming. But honestly, this woman is the BEST of the best! I cannot thank you enough Jacqs. Now let’s go win some awards ;) xoxoxox

    Liesl H.
    Australia Australia

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