About Jacqueline Kalab Beauty

Jacqueline is one of the most influential, highly sought-after celebrity make up artists. Her love of the art combined with her passion to help women with their makeup struggles and insecurities led Jacqueline to create unique solutions to help women achieve wonderful results and confidence in their self-makeup.

If you ask any make up artist what items in their makeup kit, they can't live without, they will tell you it is their brushes.  However, most brushes that designed for personal use are not high enough quality to achieve a good enough result.  Almost all the high-quality brushes on the market, are designed for makeup artists, who use brushes in a totally different way, and may even have hours to do makeup.  Jacqueline Kalab has created makeup brushes that are of stunning, makeup artist quality, yet designed for speed and self-makeup use.  As most women need to get their makeup on quickly and beautifully and get on with their day. 

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