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The Smolder Brush, by Jacqueline Kalab

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The Smolder Brush helps you easily hide fine line, flaws, fleshiness and hooded eye lids, and creates a super-smooth flawless smokey eye - whether that be for a soft daytime look or a soldering, glamorous sexy evening look.  

With the Smolder Brush, by Jacqueline Kalab, you will be able to easily and beautifully apply perfect eyeshadow in as little as a few seconds, show off super attractive and young-looking eyes and wonder how you lived without this brush all those years.

Made of exceptionally fine and luxurious real hair.  

Crafted by Japanese kabuki master craftsmen.

Fully satisfaction guaranteed.  We are so certain you will fall in love with the brush that, If for any reason you don't love this brush, we have a simple and generous 90 day returns policy 

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to create a smokey eye.  If you've followed me at all, you'll know that I harp on about "tools" and the way products are "applied"

I feel so many people get caught up in the myth that the actual makeup (the eye shadow, the foundation) will magically do all the work itself and paint the painting for you.  

There's a reason why makeup artists spend thousands of dollars on brushes.  It's because they apply the product beautifully.  

I created the Smolder Brush to help you create the most beautiful, well-blended, luxurious smokey, smolders eye makeup.  Makeup is half physics.  The luxuriously soft hair blends  and glides the eyeshadow like heaven; the hair is perfectly shaped based on decades of makeup artist experience to contour and create the most flattering carved-out eye-socket shape to give the most youthful, lifted, open-eyed beautiful eyes.    The short handle allows you to get up close to a mirror and makes makeup actually pleasurable.  

Even veteran makeup artists have been emailing me, saying they're so inspired to do their own makeup again, since buying my brushes.  This is how much this brush radically changes your eyeshadow application.

If you want beautiful smokey eye makeup, order yours today.  You'll never look back.

Order yours now!  Free shipping!  Money-back satisfaction guarantee!

❤︎ Creates the smoldering-est, smokiest, most beautiful, sexy, youthful eyes

❤︎ Hides fine lines, fleshiness or hooded eyes to give a younger, lifted look to the eyes, regardless of any wrinkles

❤︎  Super easy to use

❤︎  Takes the frustration and stress out of doing eye makeup

❤︎  Makes doing make an absolute pleasure, not a chore

❤︎  Creates perfectly blended result.

❤︎  Fast and easy

❤︎  Little piece of luxurious quality

❤︎  Short handle allows you to get right up to a mirror

❤︎  Flawless makeup artist result

❤︎  Feel more confident, youthful and beautiful in your makeup

❤︎  Fits very easily in purse with it’s luxurious short handle

❤︎  Creates a perfect smoky eye makeup in seconds

❤︎  Blends like a dream

❤︎  Short handle allows you to close to a mirror

❤︎  Exquisite makeup artist quality that makeup artists pay $100+ for, but designed for quick personal use.

❤︎  Designed by top celebrity makeup artist especially for busy women to achieve beautiful flawless results in half the time

❤︎  An absolute pleasure to use

❤︎  Beautifully crafted luxurious handle

❤︎  Extremely soft real hair bristles

❤︎  Superior quality. Carefully hand-crafted in Japan.

❤︎  Cannot be mass-produced - means very limited stock!

❤︎  Free Shipping! Order Now!  Money-back satisfaction-guarantee!


Simply use in a wind-screen wiper motion in the crease of your eye, using a darker color than your natural skin color.  

Made from gloriously soft squirrel hair. Superb quality.  


Why Two Handle Options?

Many people believe they should opt for long handled brushes as that's what artists tent to use.  However, for self makeup, a shorter handle enables you to get right up close to a mirror as well as makes ultimate portability with it being able to fit into your purse.  For doing your own makeup, the shorter, "Self Makeup" handle is therefore recommended.  

If you are using these brushes to makeup others, you will likely prefer the "Artiste" handle length.

Unlike other brands, the self-use brushes are of the same extraordinary quality as the Artiste range.

 Stunningly beautiful high-end makeup artist quality brushes designed for personal use - available in Artiste Length handles, or Self-Makeup Length handles.  



The Smokey Eyeshadow Maker Floppy Brush Directions

  1. With the eyes closed, feel where your eyeball meets your eye socket bone
  2. and using a darker eyeshadow than your skin color,
  3. use a windscreen-wiper motion on your eyelid - back and forth - around where your eyeball meets your bone. 
  4. Be sure to only apply on fleshy, protruding parts - not on any sunken or indented parts of the eye such as the inner corner. 
  5. Once eyeshadow is completely finished, clean up any fall-out, under the eye and outward.
  6. Apply concealer where required.



About The Brand

Ask any makeup artist what the most important items in there kit are, and they will tell you it's their brushes.  With good brushes, you can use almost any kind of makeup and still have it look good.  

However, almost all high-end brushes on the market are designed for makeup artists - those who do very detailed work and can spend between 30 minutes - 3 hours doing a makeup.  Many women only have a short time to do their makeup before starting their day.

Jacqueline Kalab, celebrity and fashion makeup artist, set about to design the first range of brushes that are high-end makeup artist quality, designed for speed of application, a perfectly blended result that has quickly become a cult favorite by makeup artists, celebrities, and the everyday makeup wearer, alike.

The stunning quality makes them an excellent and much loved gift, too.



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    Amazing brush

    This is a brilliant brush. Picks up so much of the product, I’ve had to reduce my usage. Eye shadows will last so much longer now I’ve got this professional brush.

    Kathryn W.
    Australia Australia


    Eyeliner on wet part of eye is easier, tried the smoulder brush with brown eyeshadow, but youre right its not right, but fine for practise

    Sharron M.
    Australia Australia

    Soft smouldering brush

    As I'm relatively new to using makeup I'm still learning how to apply. The brush is beautiful

    Australia Australia

    The Eye Smolder Brush

    So soft, eyeshadows just glide on, perfect brush

    Vicki B.
    Australia Australia

    Love the Smolder brush

    Really great brush that’s lightweight & easy to use.

    Penny J.
    Australia Australia

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